...when food is shared in a fair way, with solidarity, when no one is deprived, every community can meet the needs of the poorest. Pope Francis

About The Garden

St. Francis Vegetable Gardens are planted and maintained by corporations, individual volunteers, civic groups, religious organizations, university/school groups, and Master Gardeners. Families, schools and businesses come together and create a place for children to learn about agriculture, healthy living and giving back to the community. The harvests provide healthy, local food for those most in need in our parishes.

Our mission is to:

  1. Grow community vegetable gardens and donate the harvests to local food banks.
  2. Provide teachers and parents with a living outdoor classroom where they can present integrated lessons on health, biology, math and science.
  3. Support local growers by educating the community on the importance of fresh, local food for our health and the region’s economy.

Our Team

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Chris Ledet

Executive Director
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Kimber Ratcliff

Vice President
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Nancy Bernard



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